Week 35: August 30

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

We’re slowly transitioning from summer to fall, and that means that we’re also seeing some different vegetables in the package. This week, we’ll get a delicious cob of corn, which you can for instance use to make a grilled corn salad (click here for some recipe inspiration). With the soup tomatoes, carrots and celery, you can easily make a healthy tomato-vegetable soup. Will the temperatures go back up? Then you can of course also make a refreshing gazpacho. Enjoy!

Do you have a surplus of Timebank hours? Please spend them at the market or package-free shop, or (if you don’t manage to spend them all), please donate them to Lekkernassuh! Ater the summer, we have a big shortage of hours, because there are more going out than coming back in.

We hope you like this package again, please don’t forget to change your status before Sunday 8 pm if necessary.

  • Toverbosch & Mozartlaan are open again: these 2 locations open their doors again after their summer breaks.
  • Mozartlaan moved! From Wednesday 23 August, the market can again be found at the Vrije school De Wonnebald, Mozartlaan 189, 2555 JK The Hague. The times have remained the same, every Wednesday from 17:00 to 18:30 the market is open. 
  • Vegetable garden participation days at Hoeve Biesland. Are you coming to roll up your sleeves again at one of our regular suppliers? Check the agenda for the dates and sign up! Also fun: on September 2nd and 3rd, there are the Bieslanddagen (among others at Hoeve Biesland, but also at 17 other locations). 

In next Wednesday’s package

  • 1 head of oakleaf lettuce | oogstaandeel hoeve Biesland in Delfgauw
  • 1 bunch of celery | oogstaandeel hoeve Biesland in Delfgauw
  • 1 portion of Swiss chard | oogstaandeel hoeve Biesland in Delfgauw
  • 1 kg soup tomatoes | Frank de Koning in Brielle
  • 1 cob of corn | de Kievit in Katwijk
  • 200 g chestnut mushrooms | Heereco in Uden
  • 500 g carrots new harvest | Fatels in Espel

Third-party vendors: including bread, eggs and cheese

Helping hands
Your weekly vegetable package is the result of the collaboration of many participants from the Lekkernassûh community. Would you like to regularly put together the weekly package for Lekkernassûh? We are still looking for new buyers! Click here for the vacancy (and here for our other great vacancies). Do you want to help on the market? Then fill in the market schedule at:  Schedule market care.

Paying with Timebank hours
You can use your Timebank hours to pay for your vegetable package, but also, for example, cheese or products from the packaging-free store. You earn Timebank hours by, for example, helping on the market. Knowing more? Then look here.

Package-free shop
The package-free shop is open every Saturday from 11:00 am – 1:30 pm at the Helena. Longer opening hours call for more volunteers. Would you like to help sometime? Register via this link. More information about the store can be found here.

Don’t forget to change your status!
If you want to pick up a package on Wednesday, your subscription must be set to ACTIVE before Sunday evening 20:00. And if you don’t want a package on Wednesday, your subscription must be on PAUSE before Sunday evening 20:00. Help us prevent buying too much; together we prevent waste. Thanks for that! Look here for more explanatio