People of Lekkernassûh: Thomas

This is Thomas. A Lekkernassûh’er since 2020 ánd partner at The Shore! “Since the beginning of 2020 I have been getting my vegetable package at Lekkernassûh. I like that the offer is as organic as possible and I also like that it comes from local suppliers. I used to picked up my vegetable package…

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Vacancy IT associate

Lekkernassûh has grown as an organization, and has developed tremendously over the past period. Our IT system has grown with us: we are now working with our internally developed administration system, Romanesco and a news letter. Many improvements, but also complicated. For that reason, we are looking for someone to make the connection between…

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Beans in the spotlight: episode 2

🌱 Remember what the broad beans at De Groenteboerin looked like at the beginning of April, right after planting out? In the meantime, they have grown quite a bit! It's also nice to see that pests like aphids are remedied again by natural enemies like ladybirds. So it's a natural balance! Besides broad beans,…

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Dinner for peace

іУкраїнська нижче UPDATE: All tickets for the dinner at Dinner for Peace at the Spinozahof are sold out. It is possible to make a donation to contribute to the workshops! With the money raised, we will organize various art and cooking workshops for Ukrainian and Dutch children, so that they can meet and become friends. You can make…

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Lekkernassûh ready for the future!

Outcomes of the strategy process The results of the "strategy process" are available! A vision of what the future of Lekkernassûh could look like, for inspiration for all employees. Read the summary via this download (only in Dutch). In summer 2021, a temporary strategy team (Cristien, Karlijn, Marloes) set to work to identify future…

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People of Lekkernassûh: Sander

This is Sander. A Lekkernassûh’er since 2014 “When the Lekkernassûh initiative was created through The Hague in Transition in the Gymzaal, I initiated TransitieCinema together with others. A weekly film screening with mostly tasty snacks (leftovers from the Lekkernassûh dinner). That was the beginning of a beautiful and long-lasting relationship. After a two-year journey…

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Harvest shares Groenteboerin

This year we entered into a new form of cooperation with Hoeve Biesland, one of our regular suppliers. We no longer buy vegetables from them, but we purchase vegetables in the form of harvest shares.At Hoeve Biesland, we as a community pay one-third of the operating costs in exchange for one-third of the harvest.

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New barn Landzicht

Thanks in part to the large purchase by Lekkernassûh, Landzicht Biologisch (Strijen, on Voorne-Putten) now has the opportunity to build an additional barn. This will be used for storing and sorting organic vegetables to be delivered to customers. Photo by Landzicht

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New pick-up point The Shore

A new Lekkernassûh pickup point has started at The Shore Scheveningen! Would you like to pick up your package there? Then send an email to You can combine pickup with delicious organic drinks and snacks. On Thurs-Fri and Saturdays they serve a meal, something different every week, always vegetarian. Like the rest of…

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Beans in the spotlight: episode 1

In early March, broad beans were one of the first crops pre-sown in the greenhouse. After a few weeks, the young plants were allowed to go outside. It remains almost magical to see how quickly these plants develop! And in a while, these beautiful vegetables will be in your Lekkernassûh vegetable pack. As you…

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De Gymzaal has been acquired time for celebration

Message by the Lokaal Voedsel Den Haag Foundation (29 March 2022), copied from has taken us smore than ix years of applying for permits, meetings with officials, appeal procedures and more, but today (29 March 2022) the Stichting Lokaal Voedsel Den Haag could finally sign at the Notary’s office. The Gymzaal now belongs to…

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News from Hoeve Biesland

Keep those spring jitters coming! At Hoeve Biesland, they are not sitting still and are working hard to grow the first crops that will soon be in your vegetable pack. Watch Ollie proudly stand by the new 'hanging culture' in the greenhouse of Hoeve Biesland's vegetable garden. These hanging trays are specially made for…

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People of Lekkernassûh: Linda

This is Linda. A Lekkernassûh’er since 2014 “I am one of the farmers and owners of Hoeve Biesland. We run a big biodynamic farm amidst ‘de polder’ of Delft, Den Haag and Rotterdam. My expertise within the family company is growing vegetables in our extended vegetable market-garden, running the busy grocery store and organic…

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Vacancy communication cirkel: webdienst and cirkellead

Webdienst Is communication easy for you and do you enjoy spreading the ideals of Lekkernassûh through various channels? Then we could really use your help in our communications team! We are looking for a webdienst person. As a webdienst person, you will be responsible for a webdienst once every 3 to 6 weeks. In…

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