People of Lekkernassûh: Mandy

This is Mandy. A Lekkernassuh’er since may 2020. ———— I'm Mandy, 27 years old, I’m a full-time mom and I’m part of the Toverbosch team. I'm with Lekkernassuh since we started at our location on Toverbosch in May. I mostly do the coordination of the build up, but I'm also trained in the romanesco…

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People of Lekkernassûh: Jerney

This is Jerney. A Lekkernassuh’er since January 2018. I’ve known and loved the Lekkernassûh concept for years, but only joined the market at De Gymzaal in January 2018, when I moved my studio to the centre. For a short while I participated in the LN-communication circle, because I’m a designer and printmaker, but right…

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Picking pears at Hekendorp

Do you remember the apples and pears from a few weeks ago in our package? Little throwback from when these were picked by the people of Lekkernassûh at the orchard in Hekendorp! Photographer unknown

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People of Lekkernassûh: Rick

This is Rick. A Lekkernassuh’er since may 2020. ———— “I came back several months ago from traveling and volunteering across Europe, and now work at several places part of the organic and local food systems. I’m also volunteering at different places, for example, as a social worker with the Dutch Refugee Council. I did…

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People of Lekkernassûh: Killian

This is Killian. A Lekkernassuh’er since 2017. "Hi, I’m Killian. In daily life I take care of our little daughter Iga with my partner Tom. And I just started working as a nurse in home care at the organization Buurtzorg. I lived in The Hague for over ten years. Last year I moved to…

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People of Lekkernassûh: Violette

This is Violette. A Lekkernassuh’er sinceJuly 2018. "I started going to Lekkernassûh around tge time when I moved to Den Haag. I lived close to the Gymzaal. I signed in to get a vegetable package and I think I signed in at the same time to volunteer there. I like the Lekkernassûh system: local…

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Get your vegetables at Lekkernassûh

Dear friends, Lekkernassûh was born out of the idea that it would be good to offer an alternative to long, global food chains. They are often vulnerable and, to put it mildly, not always pleasant for people, animals and the earth. We are building an alternative that does work: Community building. In the case…


Time = money = veggies

As of 1 February there will be some changes at Lekkernassuh. As we announced before we will integrate Timebank in our system. This means that the €10 / €12 system will cease to exist. However we will replace this with a fairer system that will make it possible to pay even less for your…